Codice Etico

The TIFQ Institute performs its activity with the following procedures:

  • Certification of regulatory compliance
  • Product certification and issuing of the TIFQ Mark

The certification of regulatory compliance comes through the verification of materials and components in contact with water intended for human consumption and foodstuff, which have to fulfill the compulsory requirements of the Community Directives and national regulations.

The product certification aims at the achievement of TIFQ Mark as guarantee and demonstrability of the excellence by the hygienic-manufacturing side.

The procedure provides the following steps:

  • Verification of the regulatory compliance;
  • Hygienic-manufacturing verification (“Hygienic-design”) concerning parts in contact with foodstuff and drinking water;
  • Verification of the manufacturing processes, application of the GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practice”) and evaluation of the production risk;
  • Homologation of the products and of the possible different product range;
  • Technical dossier: collection of the documentation indispensable to demonstrate the verification activities and the lab analysis performed
  • Verification of the use and maintenance manuals to assure the correct hygienic maintenance of the products;
  • Issue of the TIFQ Mark as a visual guarantee for the user of the regulatory and hygienic compliance of the products;
  • Maintenance of the compliance through periodical Audit Verification.
  • APPROVING THE PRODUCTS TO COMMUNITY AND NATIONAL LAWS. Italian and international manufacturer could certify their products allowing the placing of technologies intended for contact with food-stuff in the Community market;
  • DRAWING UP A DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY of the products for the placing on the market;
  • AVOIDING THE PENALTIES verifying the performance of the manufacturing obligations, required by the supervisory authorities;
  • IDENTIFYING QUALIFIED SUPPLIERS which guarantee the compliance and suitability of their products;
  • OBTAINING THE HYGIENIC QUALITY MARK as a guarantee and demonstration of the “excellence” on the hygienic side, as well as the ease of use in the market of the regulatory compliance.